Forgiveness Is A Key To Happiness Even In The Dream ( illusion )

Disclaimer: I know nothing! It is not this authors responsibility to convince or even suggest any individual believe what is written here, it is the sole responsibility of each individual to decide what their journey means to them. This author understands all things are a form of energy, only in the illusion made by the I Ego.

Before we can reap the benefits of forgiveness we must first understand what true forgiveness is. Many times I have said I forgive you without any real passion behind it. For those who understand who they really are, will know forgiveness is the key to releasing guilt. When I forgive someone I am also forgiving myself.

Being as Christ the Son of God along with all my brothers and sisters it is guilt from separation conjured up by the I Ego which formed the duality or split mind. In this illusionay world we are told ” You can do anything you set your mind to ” This is another trick from the I Ego mind to make you believe you are in control and can make your own reality.

How much anger, resentment and bitterness is too much? Any of these controlling feelings will eventually destroy your relationships and your health. It doesn`t matter if your current relationships haven`t caused these negative feelings, there will be a time when something will set them off.

There are always two sides to forgiveness if you were the individual who was harmed even if the perpetrator has never come to you and asked for forgiveness it is up to you to forgive. This can be very hard to do and it may take years before you have realized how much damage holding onto this has caused you and others. It is not necessary to do this face to face but it is vital to do.

Now if you were the perpetrator first you need to admit you were wrong and ask the individual or parties you harmed for their forgiveness. Making amends as soon as possible is important. However you must recognize when it would be best to do so. It would be wise to let the individual have some time to cool off or recover physically or emotionally before you attempt to reconcile your relationship with this person.

When you understand how great you feel after you have done your part you will want to rectify any future incidents you may become involved in quickly. When you have taken responsibility to ask an individual for forgiveness don`t expect to get a positive response all the time. Some individuals may not forgive you, understanding this is not your responsibility one must now move on, your part is finished.

Just shrugging the offense off and not really accepting or being serious in asking forgiveness will only delay the healing process. This can eventually become noticeable by others in the way you interact with those who were involved. From past experience this kind of behavior can lead to deeper resentment and cause more damage in the long term.

Learning to live in a forgiveness state for this individual is a lifestyle I have come to understand and know. This was only the beginning of learning what true forgiveness is and as I understand more why forgiveness is actually about forgiving myself no matter if I was attacked or I was the attacker. This is known as reflection in the dream (  illusion ) made by the I Ego.

All pain is due to separation which has made guilt seem real projected by the I Ego thought system.

Infinite Love,

Jack Shea

“Finding Truth”

“Knowledge is knowing which enables you with the power to know the truth about love.” ( John Michael )

“Fear when eliminated opens up many doors. Love when understood keeps those doors open.