1. a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses

A magician will create an illusion to pacify his audience or his Ego. Whether you understand it or not we are living in an illusionary universe created by what this author calls the I Ego.

One of the biggest illusions is life and death enslaved in time. Time was created and is used to control everything we do. Let me give you an example, you are on a plane flying across the world and all of sudden you went from Monday to Tuesday and all you did was cross an imaginary line. Now on the way back you go from Tuesday to Monday as you cross that same imaginary line. Day light fooling time.

Have you ever had a day that went by so fast that you almost missed it? How about a day that just seems to last and last wishing for to end. Can you now see that time is perception?

Did you know that you can control this illusion? When you are working at your job, or at your place of business all you have to do is speed up the time in your mind you plan on putting towards this work. Now when you are enjoying friends and family all you have to do is slow down this time in your mind, it will take some practice and that knowing you can do this.

When you go to sleep you believe your body is resting and not awake, this is an illusion created in the I Ego mind. The minds is never asleep. This brings us to the biggest illusion the I Ego wants you to believe, just as a magician creates an illusion to divert the audience from what they think they are actually seeing, the mind has been tricking you to believe you have a body.

The I Ego mind is very powerful and it has no concept of reality. Being the imaginary god you created the I Ego`s idol is the body. By convincing you of this you believe everything happens outside of the body.